Golioth: Revolutionary IoT Requires Reliable Infrastructure

02 June 2021

Golioth: Revolutionary IoT Requires Reliable Infrastructure

Jocelyn Goldfein

Managing Director


In 2021, there are over 20 billion connected devices in the world, and experts predict that by 2025, IoT devices will be generating almost 80 zettabytes of data. Connected devices are in our homes, factories, power plants, airplanes, stores, and offices. Hardware from TVs to turbines are intelligent, connected, and generating massive amounts of data.

A revolution like this requires reliable infrastructure, which is why we are so excited to announce our investment in Golioth, a cloud backend service for IoT devices.

When we speak to hardware makers, from startups to enterprises, we hear the same things: reinventing the wheel on the cloud stack; not enough software and devops talent; projects bottlenecked; and most of all - time and resources going to work that isn’t what they love to do. Fundamentally, hardware engineers want to design hardware, not kubernetes clusters and data warehouses.

Founder Jonathan Beri knows these problems intimately. In his early career, he was a product leader at Nest and then Google (where he spearheaded the OpenThread OSS project). He went on to drive product at Particle, building hardware platforms for hardware makers, and then to WeWork where he was responsible for managing the device fleet for physical security across WeWork campuses. Golioth CTO Vit Prajzler was an IoT pioneer who helped build the LoRaWAN protocol at IBM Research. Jonathan and Vit have experienced the pain firsthand and have evolved the solution they wished they’d had.

Golioth is building the systems every IoT developer needs: secure connectivity to the cloud, firmware updates, data collection, device management and health telemetry. Ready built infrastructure will give hardware makers months of acceleration in time to market and dramatic improvements in cost and reliability. But most importantly, Golioth is building these services in a cloud and platform agnostic way: they will give hardware engineers the freedom to select the chipset, protocol, RTOS, and cloud provider (public or private) that make sense for their device, unconstrained by their choice of cloud backend.

We couldn’t be more excited to support Golioth on its journey, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of their private beta today, June 2nd, with support for Zephyr and CoAP. Learn more and sign-up here.