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Allure Security safeguards digital brands, mitigates fraud, and reduces the workload for security teams. Allure Security brand protection more quickly and accurately detects, disrupts, and eliminates brand impersonation scams across the web, mobile apps, and social media. Our patented artificial intelligence system automates the analysis of tens of millions of websites, apps, and other online content and powers a multi-faceted response to disrupt and eliminate brand abuse before damage occurs. The technology was initially developed with $10MM in DARPA funding by a team of Columbia University scientists, led by Allure CTO and founder, Professor Sal Stolfo, who is the IEEE Fellow for machine learning for Cybersecurity. In 2020, Josh Shaul joined as CEO. Josh is a 20-year security executive and most recently was VP Web Security at Akamai, where he grew the business from $300MM to over $950MM in sales.

Founders and CEO

Josh Shaul

Salvatore Stolfo


Boston, MA